The US Open

Brace yourselves for Pebble Beach!

A Pebble Beach US Open is a highlight-maker.

That Nicklaus 1-iron. Watson’s clutch chip-in. Kite’s mastery in gale-force winds. Tiger’s utter ...
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A new record!

Sister Ingrid represents 50% of the hospice team who, last year, assisted more than 160 patients. Hospice is there for those who need and want support in their final days. Woodlands Dairy, over the ... See more

Who is the better of the TWO?

The course setup was done to ensure a fair match between the ladies and gentlemen. The pin did not go to the top green on the 4th hole, a strategic advantage that was not used by the male staff ... See more

We are the Champions!

No fog on Boetie's headlights!

This year's Club Championships were delayed by fog - who would've guessed after the forecast showed beautiful weather for the weekend. Then after we got ...
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